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  • Worship Celebration 11am
  • Evening Worship 6pm


  • Prayer Meeting        7 am in the Life Center


  • Wednesday Night Live! 3:30-5:30 pm
  • Youth Worship 5:30
  • Adult Bible Study    6 pm

     Once again, it’s our favorite time of year. The whole world is decorated with “Christmas cheer.” People are excited about giving and receiving gifts. Businesses are excited about finishing the year strong. What makes the church different from the rest of the world?
     I love the decorations that adorn our church at the moment. I’m thankful for those who come and decorate and hate to see them packed away to be used a year later. There is life to our sanctuary with the greenery. The decor is lighted from the string of lights that add beauty. Colors of red, green, white, gold and silver accent the trees and garland. The altar is covered in poinsettias of bold red. All the adornments seem to say, “Life is coming!”
     But that is because we know the Life who came 2,000 years ago. Someone unfamiliar with church life could walk in and see the beauty but miss the life-giving Spirit that is the reason for it all. We know that gifts represent the greatest gift ever given in Jesus Christ. We know that evergreens represent everlasting life. We are reminded that gold and silver are the colors of royalty, red is the blood that was shed to make us white as snow and green is the color of new life. No, these things weren’t used 2,000 years ago, but as very few celebrated His coming then, many celebrate it now.
     I ’m glad we celebrate Christmas the way we do. It gives us opportunities to share our faith with others who may not know why there is even a season. Not all people are as excited about the season this year. Some may be spending Christmas alone, others are burdened that they can’t afford gifts that their children want. Others fight depression and push through the season hoping it will soon pass. All of these people need love and compassion. All of them need Jesus like we need Jesus.
     When Jesus came He brought compassion, grace and truth. He has left us here to continue doing just that. This year be on the lookout for opportunities to love someone, share the gospel with them, or meet their need. Maybe invite them to your gathering. Buy a gift on the Angel Tree to bless a child. Invite someone who lives alone to attend an event with you. Share hot chocolate and marshmallows, go look at Christmas lights in neighborhoods, invite them to church especially the Candlelight service.

     God gives us a lot of love. Sadly people miss it continually. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop sharing God’s love. Two centuries ago God gave us His greatest gift. Let’s keep giving it to others. Blessings to you all.

Merry Christmas

Pastor Craig

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  • 12/13- Beautifully Broken Ladies Fellowship @ Yantis Cafe
  • 12/16- Angel Tree gifts due
  • 12/21- Youth Christmas Party
  • 12/23- 10:30 am Christmas Service only (No Sunday School or Breakfast)
  • 12/23- 6 pm Candlelight Service


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