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  • Full Breakfast 8:30am
  • Sunday School 9:45am
  • Worship Celebration 11am
  • Apologetics Class 6pm

Tuesday Night

  • Women's Bible Study @ Yantis Cafe 6:30pm
  • Men's Bible Study in Life Center 7pm


  • After school program 3:45pm-5:30pm
  • Youth and Children Bible studies 5:30pm-7pm

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Trunk or Treat 10/31

A fun and safe event for your family.

bible study

Dive deeper into God's word with Lisa Apel as you walk together through The Story.

Men's bible study

God has an agenda for your life, are you living it?

Wednesday Night Live

Check out the Wednesday Night schedule and register your children toget plugged in.



“The question has to be posed to God, ‘Why all that suffering?’ Without a good answer to that question, there’s no reason to believe in a god that we should revere, that we should worship, that we should pray to,” said atheist Alexander Rosenberg, a philosophy professor at Duke University in North Carolina.
If your faith has not been challenged lately, either folks don't know you are a follower of Christ or you have quarantined and cushioned yourself from lost people.  Although many won't admit it, everyone wants truth. We want truth when it comes to what is in our food, whether or not investments are a good buy, or when a doctor is giving us a diagnosis of our health. But nonsensically we determine that there is no truth to be found when it comes to religion or morality.

There are so many different worldviews today and most take aim at Christianity and the biblical worldview. Have you ever wanted to give a better answer for the hope you have in Christ? When people say they don’t believe in God, or that the bible is true what do you say? When scientists tell you they offer the only truth available and it excludes God, how do you respond? Do you just walk away from the conversation defeated, wondering if you believe the bible or in God? Join us as we learn to be ready to give an informed answer using Frank Turek’s I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. Learn how to spot the holes in the arguments of those trying to water down your faith. Learn how to prove the existence of God without referencing the bible. Gain confidence in your ability to share your faith and the great love of God without being sidetracked.  Topics include:
                Divine Design and Evolution
                Miracles: Signs of God or Gullibility?
                How do we know the New Testament is true?
                If God, Why Evil?
                and much, much more.
This study begins October 30 at 6pm. All are welcomed, other churches are welcomed to come and learn in order to bring it back to their church home.