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The world is thirsty. It can't get enough. The insatiable thirst of people today has become too much to watch. They are missing something in their lives and they can not pinpoint what fills that space. The world and all it has to offer can't fill that space but will lie and tell you that it can. And people blindly believe that it will. I wish Christians were different but we can be just as consumer driven and narcissistic as the rest of the world. What will it take for us to be really satisfied with Jesus?
In John chapter 4 Jesus encounters the woman at the well. She's come for water like she does every day. But Jesus offers her a "living water" which provides that she will never thirst again. At first she scoffs at Jesus that He could provide anything with no tools to retrieve water. But He explains to her that those who drink the water from the well will thirst again but those who drink of the water that He gives will never thirst again. Of course He is not talking about natural water that one needs to sustain this earthly body. He is talking about a spiritual water that sustains real life and tells her that the "well becomes a source from within that springs up to eternal life."
So what is this well and how do you know you have it? The water is figurative of the Holy Spirit which is given to one at the moment they receive salvation in Jesus (Ephesians 1:13-14). You know you have it when your thirst for the things of this world are replaced with the knowledge and hope of the things to come. One of our favorite hymns states, "the things of the world will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace." Truly, others will think it strange that you do not seek after the things of this world any longer.
How do you "drink of this living water?" In our natural bodies the source of our strength comes from the food we eat and water we consume. Without these our bodies would die. If we consume less than nutritious meals our bodies reflect our choices. We become sluggish and less motivated to engage our normal activities. If we neglect our "spiritual food," the consumption of the word of God and the filling of the Holy Spirit, we default back to doing what we did before we were saved. But we are used to doing it that way. It is comfortable.
When we dine and drink from the word and Spirit, we live and operate using His strength, His wisdom and His power. When we neglect or starve our spirits by neglecting His word and not being filled with His Spirit we burn out, but not until we have spent every last bit of natural energy we have left.
The woman at the well asked of Jesus, "Where do you get this living water?" We Christians hold the keys to the kingdom. If the world is going to have it, they must get it from us, the gospel that we are supposed to both live and share. The world is thirsty. Give them Jesus.

Pastor Craig

Adult Bible Study 6 pm Studying the book of Nehemiah

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Never Thirst Again